Honest and hilarious oblivious yet aware a bundle of joy, and a testament of love. Always living in the moment, and seeing things for what they are. A patient and kind teacher. My sincere regards to man's best friend.


Rhythm and Blues

  He, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues The brother with the clarinet clasping in his lips Untold melodies, and spirituals Flowing from the crater of his incensed soul Sounds emanating from his instrument That of joy, pain and sorrow Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.   She, too, sings the … Continue reading Rhythm and Blues

Billie’s Song

  How can words do justice for what I feel for you? Your honesty and approach on life was purity itself. Your trials and tribulations were well documented, but through it all you persevered and shone bright, illuminating your beauty both on the outside and inside. Your music was intimate, engaging and tearful and most … Continue reading Billie’s Song