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Honest and hilarious

oblivious yet aware

a bundle of joy,

and a testament of love.

Always living in the moment,

and seeing things for what they are.

A patient and kind teacher.

My sincere regards to man’s best friend.

Rhythm and Blues


He, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

The brother with the clarinet clasping in his lips

Untold melodies, and spirituals

Flowing from the crater of his incensed soul

Sounds emanating from his instrument

That of joy, pain and sorrow

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.


She, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

Her voice a hegemony as she cradles the microphone

Giving life to raw emotions such as grief and outrage

She’s God because she can condemn but also heal.

A mother of the Rhythm and Mistress of the Blues

Sounds emanating from her voice

From the chasm of her guts to the beatings of her well-worn heart

Short and sweet, brisk and loud

A Novocain to the eardrums of a distressed listener

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.



*Legends Lester Young and Billie  Holiday*

Mr Excitement



You know Jackie,

Even though I was born after you physically left this world

I just know from your aura,

that you were the ‘Man’

You oozed coolness in a era that personified ‘Cool’.

You lifted everybody Higher and Higher,

and even made lonely tears drop from people’s eyes.

Legend has it your concerts was pretty wild

earning the nickname ‘Mr Excitement’.

You dazzled, graced and stole

people’s hearts around the world,

I am so glad I came across your music,

My life became much more colourful, enriched and graceful

because of it.

You really were one amazing guy !



Jackie Wilson (09/06/1934-21/01/1984) Legendary singer-songwriter

Pictured above are: The legendary Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker and Jackie Wilson


Innocence of a Child

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A child’s heart

is innocent and pure,

ignorant to the wicked ways of the world,

and honest enough to believe everything

he or she is told.

Time moves on,

and eventually the child grows

and some lose that ignorance and fall prey to the trappings of the world

while others grow older ,

and remember quite fondly those moments of childhood innocence,

and walk with a playfulness full of laughter and joy.


Billie’s Song

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How can words do justice for what I feel for you?

Your honesty and approach on life was purity itself.

Your trails and tribulations were well documented,

but through it all you persevered and shone bright,

illuminating your beauty both on the outside and inside.

Your music was intimate, engaging and tearful

and most importantly food for the soul.

Till we meet again beloved,

I’m going to keep singing the blues.



*The legendary Billie Holiday -07/04/1915 till 17/07/1959*

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