Brand New Day

  It's simple yet true with each new day we start anew. It's not easy but let yesterday go, and don't concern yourself with tomorrow yet appreciate and bask in today whether it rains or shines the day is yours. It's up to you to shape it however way you want.



    May our dreams take flight and soar above all our fears and doubts.  May we see in our lifetimes some semblance of global harmony and love a love so strong that it can't be bought, sold or corrupted the kind of love you cherish for your loved ones but encompasses everyone.  

Life in the City

  The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow at the land-dwellers below, the laborers, the aristocrats the religious and even the pagans. This mean, sombre and sickly sky shows no mercy to the people it hovers over, men and women in the city running forwards and backwards  like the shrilling banshee, or a social experiment gone wrong … Continue reading Life in the City


    A woman with a sweet smile, a kind and warm face A loving heart and graceful movement You are one of life’s remedy Though distance maybe between us The journey to meet and close that gap And build a future                 Is one that will last a lifetime.