In the name of love I cannot hold you back from your aspirations nor could you betray your dreams to be with me, such a compromise is a recipe made of regret, sorrow and slow-burning anger, dreams are meant to be cherished and  sought after, no love should be greater than the one you … Continue reading Dreams


Chance of a Lifetime

What more could Cupid do when the chance of a lifetime shows up in front of you in the form of a soul mate. I just knew it was her. I kept calm and started to talk, but mentally I was all over the place. I then started to stutter and my mind went blank. … Continue reading Chance of a Lifetime


    May our dreams take flight and soar above all our fears and doubts.  May we see in our lifetimes some semblance of global harmony and love a love so strong that it can't be bought, sold or corrupted the kind of love you cherish for your loved ones but encompasses everyone.