Writers of yesteryear may frown at the writers of today and the writers of today may disregard their predecessors. However none of that really matters in the long run. What stands out amongst writers is the honesty and integrity of… Read More ›


The future isn’t written yet, and the past has already had it’s say. However today is a new day like the sun rising over the blue canopy sky. Let today usher in blessings and glad tidings, and close the chapter… Read More ›

As Seasons Turn

As spring comes to a close and summer beckons, like a supermodel doing the catwalk Mother Nature commands all the attention, and we reflect that attitude as we come out and play. Some of us fall in love and our… Read More ›


  Julie beckoned me closer telling me she had something to share she whispered in my ear ‘ True love isn’t possessive but like water it flows and it comes and it goes’ I looked up and laugh and I… Read More ›


  History is full of contradictions and deceit but by studying it we learn where we went wrong but more importantly what we did right. Part of being a human is the rush of emotions that we experience everyday from… Read More ›


    May our dreams take flight and soar above all our fears and doubts.  May we see in our lifetimes some semblance of global harmony and love a love so strong that it can’t be bought, sold or corrupted… Read More ›


If you are lucky to meet a friend who listens and understands , and who supports you wholeheartedly with no hidden agendas hold on to them and be grateful.   Some of the people who we come across in life… Read More ›


  Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone such as joy, friendship,love and dreams however life is fickle at times and along the way there is hate, anger, pride, envy and  this is shared with everyone even… Read More ›


  Honest and hilarious oblivious yet aware a bundle of joy, and a testament of love. Always living in the moment, and seeing things for what they are. A patient and kind teacher. My sincere regards to man’s best friend.