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The future isn’t written yet,

and the past has already had it’s say.

However today is a new day

like the sun rising over the blue canopy sky.

Let today usher in blessings and glad tidings,

and close the chapter for those who still hold on to grief and sorrow

and remold and shape our new day like our world is suppose to be

bright, full of hope and free.

Chance of a Lifetime

What more could Cupid do

when the chance of a lifetime

shows up in front of you

in the form of a soul mate.

I just knew it was her.

I kept calm and started to talk,

but mentally I was all over the place.

I then started to stutter

and my mind went blank.

I thought to myself

this isn’t how its supposed to go

but I felt a warm, cool gaze

followed by a hearty laugh

I started to relax

and I thought

This is it.



As Seasons Turn


As spring comes to a close

and summer beckons,

like a supermodel doing the catwalk

Mother Nature commands all the attention,

and we reflect that attitude

as we come out and play.

Some of us fall in love

and our eyes become more vibrant,

and our steps have more bounce.

We go to parks and beaches

carnivals and outdoor concerts,

and do many more wonderful things

this is a period meant for joy and laughter.


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Julie beckoned me closer

telling me she had something to share

she whispered in my ear

‘ True love isn’t possessive

but like water it flows

and it comes

and it goes’

I looked up and laugh

and I answered

‘You make it sound so simple’

and she replied

‘No one said it would be easy’


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History is full of contradictions and deceit

but by studying it we learn where we went wrong

but more importantly what we did right.

Part of being a human

is the rush of emotions that we experience everyday

from love, excitement and even embarrassment

The beauty is that we aren’t alone in this

and through history

 we learn that we are more similar then we are different

I’m just tired of people in power

who see us as pawns

telling us who to love and who to hate.





May our dreams take flight

and soar above all our fears and doubts.

 May we see in our lifetimes

some semblance of global harmony and love

a love so strong that it can’t be bought, sold or corrupted

the kind of love you cherish for your loved ones

but encompasses everyone.



If you are lucky

to meet a friend who listens and understands ,

and who supports you wholeheartedly

with no hidden agendas

hold on to them and be grateful.


Some of the people who we come across in life

are lessons wrapped in a physical body

such as betrayal, anguish, temptation and misunderstanding

not to say all lessons are negative or positive

but it is life’s way of saying

‘Hey did you get my message ‘

and if you meet those kind of people

that make you smile, laugh, and have good vibes

appreciate them and let them know as well,

because genuine friendship is  something really precious.




Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone

such as joy, friendship,love and dreams

however life is fickle at times

and along the way

there is hate, anger, pride, envy

and  this is shared with everyone

even ourselves

the thing is

that as humans we embody all these emotions

and often we prioritize one over the other

and rightfully so

because the sensation of joy is greater

then the agony of pain

but I realized that understanding the source of my pain

gave me clarity and compassion

and a better recognition of the upswing and downswing of life.



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Honest and hilarious

oblivious yet aware

a bundle of joy,

and a testament of love.

Always living in the moment,

and seeing things for what they are.

A patient and kind teacher.

My sincere regards to man’s best friend.

Aim of Love


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Its kinda slippery whenever love’s around

once you think you have a firm grasp on it,

It takes a twist and a turn,

and your emotions along with it.

The advice given

is to simply take it on the chin,

like love is a game,

and your earning a badge

on joy, heartbreak and trust

but the odd thing about growing older

is you gain experience and may not fall for the same mistakes

compared to when your younger,

but my promise to myself

is for next time,

to take my head and my heart along with me for the journey.