You and I are like  treasured seeds

brought into this earth to create

to nourish and sustain the environment we live in.

though we may differ on the outside

we both share the same origin and purpose

which is to bring forth and share our latent gifts,

but more than that we are given a choice

as to what we can become.

Will you and I strive to be better

and bloom to something greater?

Will we choose to be stagnate

or even worse  go backwards,

and not bring forth the potential we know lies within.

Caught in the Middle



like the middle child

is neither hot or cold

yet is caught between two seasons

 who loathe one another yet one cannot exist without the other.

When it is Autumn’s turn to shine

Winter exhales it’s frosty breath,

and Summer in return withdraws its warmth

leaving Autumn alone in the middle

unable to complain

with Spring inside the belly of Mother Nature

waiting to show off as a new born heralding a New Year.


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The future isn’t written yet,

and the past has already had it’s say.

However today is a new day

like the sun rising over the blue canopy sky.

Let today usher in blessings and glad tidings,

and close the chapter for those who still hold on to grief and sorrow

and remold and shape our new day like our world is suppose to be

bright, full of hope and free.

A Garden of Two Seasons

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My heart is my earth

A garden caught between winter and spring

A loop of only beginnings and endings.