It’s an odd feeling when you’re a passenger in life’s vehicle rather than the driver. The difference in perspective is both perplexing and at times overwhelming and humbling. When your under the impression that you’re pulling the strings only to… Read More ›

Billy’s Dilemma

Saying sorry isn’t easy when I’m being stubborn to have the courage and heart to apologize and swallow my pride . I broke your heart and then your trust. Now I feel as though I’m lost and stuck. I dreamed… Read More ›

Untitled #4

How could I express my words of hope to you when inside my short-comings yell out loud , and my hands stiffen as I try to comfort you. How could I help you When I haven’t even tried to help… Read More ›


Eyes that penetrate. Eyes that pierce. Eyes that glow and eyes that understand both pain and joy. Eyes that radiate with warmth and those that glower with coldness. Eyes that are wise and eyes bearing hardships. Eyes can tell us… Read More ›


the sky is as boundless as the ocean  is wide, like your warm smile and hearty laugh. Isn’t pretty when it rains the earth is showered with grace and mercy, and when it shines she glows and is giddy with… Read More ›


I am an enigma come to close and I’ll run away, but stray too far and I’ll forget you. I am coveted and sought after. I am ever-present in your mind and heart, and take on many forms such as… Read More ›


In the beginning, Love was the password for all, but it’s true meaning was understood  only by some. For the rest of us caught up in the game of Chaos called human emotions basking in joy one moment and swimming… Read More ›

Mr Shallow

The pursuit of beauty especially on the surface level is a mirage that continually makes a fool of us all. If I say I love you for your beauty, because there’s none like you and I see that only on… Read More ›