A love so Bright


If loving you meant I had to always give you my all

then my love will never be enough to satisfy you,

and if being with you meant I had to be something I’m not

then the love we share is not love at all.

Love is a word so often used but often misconstrued.

It shines bright and its rays can feel warm and radiating

but if its not mutual and respectful

those rays can be overwhelming and its brightness can be blinding.

A love for a Lifetime


Does love really last a lifetime

or rather for only a chapter in your life,

and we revisit on occasions when we reminisce on who we once were.

Is love a reflection of who we are at the moment

and that love can change at anytime?

Are we bound to always seek in others what we can search within ourselves?

Or is our past relationships merely sign posts to signal future partners

where we’ve been hurt or found joy.


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Eyes that penetrate.

Eyes that pierce.

Eyes that glow

and eyes that understand both pain and joy.

Eyes that radiate with warmth

and those that glower with coldness.

Eyes that are wise

and eyes bearing hardships.

Eyes can tell us a lot about someone

Whether it’s their health, feelings or state of mind.

They narrate a story all in their own way.


I am an enigma

come to close and I’ll run away,

but stray too far and I’ll forget you.

I am coveted and sought after.

I am ever-present in your mind and heart,

and take on many forms

such as your marriage, work, friends, alcohol,gambling and more.

I am your wishes and daydreams,

but I will only remain just a figment of your mind

unless you take a plunge and experience this for yourself.


In the beginning, Love was the password for all,

but it’s true meaning was understood  only by some.

For the rest of us caught up in the game of Chaos called human emotions

basking in joy one moment and swimming in sorrow the next.

The truth is  there’s no winners or losers

just trial and errors,

and lessons learned through different lifetimes.

In the end, Love is the password for all,

but it’s true meaning is only understood by some.

Mr Shallow

The pursuit of beauty especially on the surface level

is a mirage that continually makes a fool of us all.

If I say I love you for your beauty,

because there’s none like you

and I see that only on the surface,

then I have cheated both you and myself.

I cheat myself because I was shallow and went for the low hanging fruit.

I cheat you because I failed to see the depths of your true beauty.

A heart so rich and a smile so wide,

                                                   a woman with so much knowledge

and a soul that never ages.


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I admire your strength and tenacity.

A testament to your will,

and a reward for your open heart and faith.

If grace and elegance could be personified

I wouldn’t need to look far,

because I see it right before me.

Your strength gives me courage,

and I’m grateful for it,

as I stand next to you as your pillar

as you go and conquer the world.