I admire your strength and tenacity. A testament to your will, and a reward for your open heart and faith. If grace and elegance could be personified I wouldn’t need to look far, because I see it right before me. Your strength gives me courage, and I’m grateful for it, as I stand next… Read More Admirer


The love he had for her was once so bright and full of hope and trust but now that same energy is fixated on other things such as fame, power and status, and that aspiration became an obession as if he had to choose between a happy home and  his lust for glory and fell… Read More Gluttony


There is never an end to learning, nor an age whether young or old where it is cool not to learn. What isn’t cool is being ignorant, both of the world and of yourself. It would be a shame to wander the world in search of treasures, when within yourself resides,  something remarkable and pure… Read More Treasures