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Rhythm and Blues


He, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

The brother with the clarinet clasping in his lips

Untold melodies, and spirituals

Flowing from the crater of his incensed soul

Sounds emanating from his instrument

That of joy, pain and sorrow

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.


She, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

Her voice a hegemony as she cradles the microphone

Giving life to raw emotions such as grief and outrage

She’s God because she can condemn but also heal.

A mother of the Rhythm and Mistress of the Blues

Sounds emanating from her voice

From the chasm of her guts to the beatings of her well-worn heart

Short and sweet, brisk and loud

A Novocain to the eardrums of a distressed listener

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.



*Legends Lester Young and Billie  Holiday*

Rudy Sings the Blues

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It was getting late,

and work was done for the day

 everybody was heading home,

but not Rudy.

Tonight was jazz night at the local club,

and a special guest was going to be attending.

See Rudy loved jazz,

and wanted to be a trumpet player,

and play alongside a band,

but raising a family and working full time

was difficult enough,

and that once sought-after dream

was looking like a fantasy.

though Rudy didn’t know it,

her night was going to change her life forever.

The musicians on display was incredible,

Act after act

until it was time for the special guest to come on stage,

and on appeared the great Miles Davis,

Rudy was blown away,

and then Miles steps up to the mike

‘Is there anybody who can play the trumpet?’

One of the guys had fallen ill earlier,

and the band was looking for a backup

Rudy’s heart was beating hard,

and she looked around,

and everybody was shaking their head

until one person had their  hand raised.

Rudy looked up

and found it was her hand

and she was standing up,

Miles looked at her and beckoned her towards the stage,

My God-

Rudy wondered,

Is this happening for real?

and the great Miles Davis as if reading her mind

said ‘It sure is’

Rudy’s dream became a reality.


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