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Any kind of peace

whether it’s physical, emotional or mental

 is a treasure that one cannot lose so easily.

After all,

remember all your trials and tribulations

that you had to face that made you who you are today.

You overcame,

You earned your peace,

something you can’t measure or explain to anyone

they just have to experience it for themselves to understand.

For the Love of Money


I love money

but our relationship is one-sided.

I love her so much

that I put her over my family, friends and even God.


I give her my time and health,

and my body can definitely prove my loyalty

with my receding hairline and grey beard.


Yet after all that,

she ignores me.

When we first met at 16

I thought if I made enough

I would be happy

and I was,

but that didn’t last.

I chased and chased,

but the game isn’t the same anymore.

Besides I think she’s cheating on me

with someone younger

probably a young guy with hopes and dreams

someone who use to be like me.

My Name is…

I hold no shape

but I occupy your mind,body and soul.

I conjure up imagery

that make you stop and shiver.

I protect you

even if it doesn’t appear that way.

You hate me,

but you can’t do without me.

I can be tamed.

I can be your friend,

but since life doesn’t come with instructions

you do not know that.

To know my name

is to know yourself.

I hope you realize it now,

because I am always near

Since my name is Fear.

My Kind of Blues

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I heard her play the saxophone

outside the jazz club

oblivious to her surroundings

she seemed focused only on her music

I felt captivated and enraptured by her blues

I wondered what kind of life she lived

to play such music

that was soft and kind

yet penetrated my soul




Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone

such as joy, friendship,love and dreams

however life is fickle at times

and along the way

there is hate, anger, pride, envy

and  this is shared with everyone

even ourselves

the thing is

that as humans we embody all these emotions

and often we prioritize one over the other

and rightfully so

because the sensation of joy is greater

then the agony of pain

but I realized that understanding the source of my pain

gave me clarity and compassion

and a better recognition of the upswing and downswing of life.


Aim of Love


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Its kinda slippery whenever love’s around

once you think you have a firm grasp on it,

It takes a twist and a turn,

and your emotions along with it.

The advice given

is to simply take it on the chin,

like love is a game,

and your earning a badge

on joy, heartbreak and trust

but the odd thing about growing older

is you gain experience and may not fall for the same mistakes

compared to when your younger,

but my promise to myself

is for next time,

to take my head and my heart along with me for the journey.


To always Smile

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Words written with an empty belly

is like moving a car with no gas,

You’re immovable, ineffective

  even stranded,

and like a parable, I compare it to my present journey

The misplaced joy and the self-evident dismay

I move a couple of steps forward,

and then find I’m back where I started.

I have emotions I haven’t yet sorted

Fears and love that don’t need mixing,

and an open past that just keeps coming back.

The only words needed to convey

is to simply

               always smile!

Life in the City

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The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow

at the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.

This mean, sombre and sickly sky

shows no mercy to the people it hovers over,

men and women in the city

running forwards and backwards

 like the shrilling banshee,

or a social experiment gone wrong

to jobs that neither pay enough

but enough that they can live

have the land-dwellers below,

trudging like zombies

slowly and slowly

each in their own world,

and each in their own dreams.


The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow

at the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.


Nature can be defined and expressed

like an enormous walrus

or better yet a slithering snake

constantly on the move

and with the self-belief,

to always rise with the sun.

To witness and feel the morning breeze

to capture its innocence,

and to hymn with the birds above.


People reflect nature

in all its glory

whether it is above or below.

The sky above

clear as a beautiful baby’s face

smiling down on the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.

Looking Back


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As we close out the year

I look back and reflect,

it’s had everything

from smiles to tears,

a lot of lessons learned

mistakes were made,

but one thing

I am glad to say

is that I am still here.

Another day, another blessing

gratitude mixed faith,

weaknesses turning to strengths,

learning and growing.

May the coming year

provide peace and blessing to everyone,

and heal our mind, body and soul.