In Search of Myself

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To look for myself in the world

Is a recipe for sorrow, loss and pain

For I can search high and low

Near and far

And never find the person I truly am.

In my haste to chase the silhouette of who I thought I was

I heard a voice echo in my head

“Are you really chasing something you know you can’t see, touch, smell, hear or feel?”

I stopped in my tracks and asked myself

What am I chasing?

What is my end goal in all of this?

In that very moment I noticed a change ripple through my body

A veil being lifted from my eyes

The world and its chaos was a reflection of my inner turmoil

To seek myself in such conditions reflected my ignorance,

But now I know better

What I seek and aspire to be can all be found within me.



Let us not speak love but be love.

Let our actions bear witness to our character and how we carry ourselves.

As humans it’s unfair to box ourselves and set limits to our potential

when our potential is really as limitless as our imagination.

Only we can walk the path that Life has set us on

but what we do while on that path is truly in our own hands.

In time we’ll learn that fate and destiny were merely shadows of our own decisions.

Decisions that ultimately only we can choose.

A chance to change

In every moment we strive to do better

with every step we hope we are that much closer.

In the depths of our hearts we hold what we deem most precious

to scared to share with the world what makes us smile

in fear the world will take that and turn it to sorrow.

We are more than pieces on a global chess board

and our lives holds more meaning than slaving away for someone’s else dream.

We are unstoppable, unpredictable and unbelievable in our strengths and weaknesses

because no matter what situation we find ourselves in

the chance to change always presents itself.

Unfulfilled Potential

The shadows of yesterday’s shame still linger today

like a stain that will never be cleansed no matter how hard we try.

Our greatest weakness has always been our fears

and I use to think it was due to fear of failure or expectations,

but maybe our greatest fear is what if we actually do conquer our fears?

What will hold us back from achieving and realizing our true potential.

Does unity amongst all scare us to the point we’ll see ourselves for who we are and not what we are?


Let us not cave in to our fears and doubts

and remember our tenacity and inner strength.

We’ve come too far and and overcame many struggles

to turn back and give in to the chaos around us.

Our  true beauty and perseverance comes from  our shared humanity

lending a helping hand or being a support for those who are in need.

Regardless of who we pray to or not,

we still go to sleep and wake up under the same sun and moon,

and our need to come together always illuminates when we face difficult obstacles.



Hope is the opposite to despair

as sorrow is to joy.

Yet as often as we experience these extremes

we cannot afford to do without them.

As enticing as a world of positivity and joy sounds

How would we be able to comprehend such  happiness and comfort

without sorrow or pain to contrast it and teach us the difference.

In my understanding maybe the goal is not to put one over the other,

but  to do like the ancients always preached

which is to strive and live in balance.


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Some gaze at the stars looking for answers

while others holds hands and pray in silence

Regardless of how you choose to pray or lack of

what doesn’t change is our ingenuity to overcome the challenges we face.

If the esteemed River Ganges, Nile,Yangtze and many others

could narrate the story of mankind

what kind of stories would they share with us.

Stories like betrayal and forgiveness

hopes and unfulfilled dreams

the birth of new kingdoms and the fall of old ones.

If these rivers could talk

they would remind us of our greatest gift

our compassion, faith and understanding

treasured pieces that make up what it means to be human.

Untitled #3

It takes awhile to understand one’s inner pain

and self confession.

Whose voice is it that you hear?

and which one do you trust?

My soul is like a deep abyss

which I’ve flung myself into

in hopes of better learning who and what I am,

and letting go of fear, self-doubt and ignorance.


Some secrets are not meant to see the light of day

not because of spite or greed,

but from a sense of preservation and a need to  protect.

The journey to Eden is a labyrinth filled with heartbreak and broken promises

how one answers the Minotaur’s question is up to you.

Whether you choose to be swallowed up by your surroundings / circumstances

or you master yourself,

and blossom to the person you were always meant to be.


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I admire your strength and tenacity.

A testament to your will,

and a reward for your open heart and faith.

If grace and elegance could be personified

I wouldn’t need to look far,

because I see it right before me.

Your strength gives me courage,

and I’m grateful for it,

as I stand next to you as your pillar

as you go and conquer the world.