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Convincing someone that your words holds value

such as trust, faith and love

is a mountain to climb in itself

especially if you lost their trust.

The only remedy it seems

is to start from the beginning

and build from there

and if you are lucky

you can eventually regain

their faith, trust and love.

It might not be like it was before

but hopefully a lesson can be learned

and that some wisdom was gained.


If you are lucky

to meet a friend who listens and understands ,

and who supports you wholeheartedly

with no hidden agendas

hold on to them and be grateful.


Some of the people who we come across in life

are lessons wrapped in a physical body

such as betrayal, anguish, temptation and misunderstanding

not to say all lessons are negative or positive

but it is life’s way of saying

‘Hey did you get my message ‘

and if you meet those kind of people

that make you smile, laugh, and have good vibes

appreciate them and let them know as well,

because genuine friendship is  something really precious.


Rhythm and Blues


He, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

The brother with the clarinet clasping in his lips

Untold melodies, and spirituals

Flowing from the crater of his incensed soul

Sounds emanating from his instrument

That of joy, pain and sorrow

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.


She, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

Her voice a hegemony as she cradles the microphone

Giving life to raw emotions such as grief and outrage

She’s God because she can condemn but also heal.

A mother of the Rhythm and Mistress of the Blues

Sounds emanating from her voice

From the chasm of her guts to the beatings of her well-worn heart

Short and sweet, brisk and loud

A Novocain to the eardrums of a distressed listener

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.



*Legends Lester Young and Billie  Holiday*

To Pray

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Now that I am older

I understand what it truly means to have faith in something or someone

even when every fiber in your body says otherwise.

I understand now what it means to be strong

not because I have ripped out muscles or lethal defensive skills,

but rather when things looked bleak

I somehow withstood it because I’ve seen my mother withstood it.

I understand now what it means to pray

not just kneeling down but sincerely believing.

          It is when we are at our lowest

that somehow we come out at our highest.

I don’t need to show the world how pious I am

or subscribe to a group mindset

because I am my own witness,

and I hold myself accountable for whatever I do.


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