Hope is the opposite to despair as sorrow is to joy. Yet as often as we experience these extremes we cannot afford to do without them. As enticing as a world of positivity and joy sounds How would we be able to comprehend such  happiness and comfort without sorrow or pain to contrast it… Read More Balance


Some gaze at the stars looking for answers while others holds hands and pray in silence Regardless of how you choose to pray or lack of what doesn’t change is our ingenuity to overcome the challenges we face. If the esteemed River Ganges, Nile,Yangtze and many others could narrate the story of mankind what kind… Read More Humanity

Untitled #3

It takes awhile to understand one’s inner pain and self confession. Whose voice is it that you hear? and which one do you trust? My soul is like a deep abyss which I’ve flung myself into in hopes of better learning who and what I am, and letting go of fear, self-doubt and ignorance.


Some secrets are not meant to see the light of day not because of spite or greed, but from a sense of preservation and a need to  protect. The journey to Eden is a labyrinth filled with heartbreak and broken promises how one answers the Minotaur’s question is up to you. Whether you choose to… Read More Eden


  I admire your strength and tenacity. A testament to your will, and a reward for your open heart and faith. If grace and elegance could be personified I wouldn’t need to look far, because I see it right before me. Your strength gives me courage, and I’m grateful for it, as I stand next… Read More Admirer