Mr Excitement

  You know Jackie, Even though I was born after you physically left this world I just know from your aura, that you were the 'Man' You oozed coolness in a era that personified 'Cool'. You lifted everybody Higher and Higher, and even made lonely tears drop from people's eyes. Legend has it your concerts … Continue reading Mr Excitement


Lost and Found

  Looking for love in all the wrong places. Searching for a peace of mind, in a crowded place. Priorities can be misconstrued and not understood, but maybe in our honest approach to peace and love we can both discover and gain, what we most want in life.

Billie’s Song

  How can words do justice for what I feel for you? Your honesty and approach on life was purity itself. Your trials and tribulations were well documented, but through it all you persevered and shone bright, illuminating your beauty both on the outside and inside. Your music was intimate, engaging and tearful and most … Continue reading Billie’s Song