Little Eddy

      My neighbor has a son named Eddy  Eddy’s funny and a light-hearted kid, He wanted to stay up late for the New Year’s celebrations. As night drew on, and as the hour to celebrate beckoned closer, I went over to Eddy’s house to usher in the New Year, and to see how… Read More Little Eddy

Looking Back

    As we close out the year I look back and reflect, it’s had everything from smiles to tears, a lot of lessons learned mistakes were made, but one thing I am glad to say is that I am still here. Another day, another blessing gratitude mixed faith, weaknesses turning to strengths, learning and… Read More Looking Back


I gaze upwards, at the wide open sky arms outstretched with a mixture of anxiety and relief. anxiety because I expected too much, and relief because I am learning to let go, so simple yet serene.


Some days and nights, I sometimes feel life takes the shape of a lion furious and yet majestic with a warning sign ‘Approach at your own risk’   Yet other times life feels funny and harmless, and you wonder to yourself was it just my imagination? I realize that now whenever there’s an upswing in… Read More Lion