To Pray

Now that I am older I understand what it truly means to have faith in something or someone even when every fiber in your body says otherwise. I understand now what it means to be strong not because I have ripped out muscles or lethal defensive skills, but rather when things looked bleak I somehow … Continue reading To Pray


Aim of Love

  Its kinda slippery whenever love's around once you think you have a firm grasp on it, It takes a twist and a turn, and your emotions along with it. The advice given is to simply take it on the chin, like love is a game, and your earning a badge on joy, heartbreak and … Continue reading Aim of Love

Life in the City

  The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow at the land-dwellers below, the laborers, the aristocrats the religious and even the pagans. This mean, sombre and sickly sky shows no mercy to the people it hovers over, men and women in the city running forwards and backwards  like the shrilling banshee, or a social experiment gone wrong … Continue reading Life in the City

Noisy Chamber

  The pounding, the silent echo going Boing…boing….boing It goes on and on The constant repetition going from 6 am till 7 15 am Boing….boing…boing Living in the  city Where the art of love-making is interrupted by a baby’s cry It’s an environment where the possibilities are endless It’s also a loner’s paradise. The silent … Continue reading Noisy Chamber