Sometimes thinking too much is as deadly and toxic as poison especially the kind of thoughts that bear ill will and negativity. The kind of thoughts that manipulate your emotions, and alters your mood from joy to sadness. It is a testament to the power of our minds and how we can become our own… Read More Untitled#2


  It’s hard letting go especially if it’s a dream you’ve sought after, a dream that took everything but gave nothing back. It’s not easy letting go but what happens when a dream becomes a nightmare? do you continue to  salvage what remains and build something new? or simply let go and just take it… Read More Detached


  In the name of love I cannot hold you back from your aspirations nor could you betray your dreams to be with me, such a compromise is a recipe made of regret, sorrow and slow-burning anger, dreams are meant to be cherished and  sought after, no love should be greater than the one you… Read More Dreams