Life in the City

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The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow

at the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.

This mean, sombre and sickly sky

shows no mercy to the people it hovers over,

men and women in the city

running forwards and backwards

 like the shrilling banshee,

or a social experiment gone wrong

to jobs that neither pay enough

but enough that they can live

have the land-dwellers below,

trudging like zombies

slowly and slowly

each in their own world,

and each in their own dreams.


The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow

at the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.


Nature can be defined and expressed

like an enormous walrus

or better yet a slithering snake

constantly on the move

and with the self-belief,

to always rise with the sun.

To witness and feel the morning breeze

to capture its innocence,

and to hymn with the birds above.


People reflect nature

in all its glory

whether it is above or below.

The sky above

clear as a beautiful baby’s face

smiling down on the land-dwellers below,

the laborers, the aristocrats

the religious and even the pagans.

Noisy Chamber

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The pounding, the silent echo going


It goes on and on

The constant repetition going from 6 am till 7 15 am


Living in the  city

Where the art of love-making is interrupted by a baby’s cry

It’s an environment where the possibilities are endless

It’s also a loner’s paradise.

The silent echo

When the noise of construction ends

The quick sigh of relief

When you drop your bag from work

As your throat aches for that glass of lemonade

You sit back down to recline on your plush leather chair

It’s Friday night and just as you are about to relax

All you hear in your head is



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Can you really grasp the chance that love once presented itself?

The warm smile etched across her face,

As your muttered reply of I’m fine

Was met with a hearty laugh and a playful shove

A friendly face and a willing listener

As you narrated your tale and adventures that you’ve been in.

Can you really grasp it,

Hold it and immerse yourself

In the chance that love once presented itself.



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A woman with a sweet smile, a kind and warm face

A loving heart and graceful movement

You are one of life’s remedy

Though distance maybe between us

The journey to meet and close that gap

And build a future

                Is one that will last a lifetime.

Rivers with No Destination

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Ever heard of the Nile, Euphrates and the Ganges?

places with history, people and a lasting legacy,

but I know a place where everyone’s goes

and wallows in their despair,

the river that bears no name,

the river where people go to hide their shame,

their anguish and distress,

the river with no destination.

Do you know why this river goes nowhere?

because like guilt, anger and pride

It serves no purpose to drive you forward,

but to remain still and ignorant.

Don’t take my word for it

but superimpose your life in these characters,

walk in their shoes,

and ask yourself

has anger, hate, despair and unhappiness ever driven you forward?

I’m no preacher

but an observer and I read people

and wonder to myself why?

why did person A choose to do that?

and more importantly,

I always ask myself why I do what I do and for what purpose.


Little Eddy


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My neighbor has a son named Eddy

 Eddy’s funny and a light-hearted kid,

He wanted to stay up late for the New Year’s celebrations.

As night drew on,

and as the hour to celebrate beckoned closer,

I went over to Eddy’s house

to usher in the New Year,

and to see how he was doing,

and as I entered the living room,

I found little Eddy fast asleep on the couch.

We tried waking him up

but it didn’t matter,

as time had passed

and the world was celebrating.

He was upset later on,

but we laughed,

because I remembered going through the very same thing.

Message for Tomorrow

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If I had a message for myself,

that I could send to the future

I guess that message would be

to first love and keep loving,

embrace all aspects of yourself

and to continue living in the present.

It’s important to cherish the moments we have

since it’s all we really have.

Before I use to think of life and death

rewards and sins,

God and the Devil,

balance or unbalance,

but you know what,

I’d  rather love and appreciate the person I am today

to let go of all those shackles I have

that blinded me to things that happened yesterday.

So the message of tomorrow is simple,

and that is to continue loving

and to continue living for now.


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