Rudy Sings the Blues

  It was getting late, and work was done for the day ¬†everybody was heading home, but not Rudy. Tonight was jazz night at the local club, and a special guest was going to be attending. See Rudy loved jazz, and wanted to be a trumpet player, and play alongside a band, but raising a … Continue reading Rudy Sings the Blues


The Sweet Science of Meditation

  Life before meditation was chaos, noise and drama, and this was everywhere I went even in my own head. Then one day a friend told me about meditation and its benefits, and I was doubtful at first but at that point I was ready to try anything, and at my first attempt I did … Continue reading The Sweet Science of Meditation

Billie’s Song

  How can words do justice for what I feel for you? Your honesty and approach on life was purity itself. Your trials and tribulations were well documented, but through it all you persevered and shone bright, illuminating your beauty both on the outside and inside. Your music was intimate, engaging and tearful and most … Continue reading Billie’s Song