Time Capsules

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We seal our memories in portable time capsules

like pictures and videos

in hopes of capturing a moment or feeling that we deem treasuring.

Not knowing that moment is apart of a past we can’t go back to,

and the before and after picture are of people or things

that you moved on from

or remind you of the things you wish to forget.



You and I are like  treasured seeds

brought into this earth to create

to nourish and sustain the environment we live in.

though we may differ on the outside

we both share the same origin and purpose

which is to bring forth and share our latent gifts,

but more than that we are given a choice

as to what we can become.

Will you and I strive to be better

and bloom to something greater?

Will we choose to be stagnate

or even worse  go backwards,

and not bring forth the potential we know lies within.

Kahlil Gibran

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Captivating, inspirational and honest

just a few words to describe Kahlil Gibran

a man who lived a short life,

but in that time bared his soul and expressed words full of love and vigor

narrating stories of all forms that easily captures  and moves the reader.

His contribution to the world was paramount,

and to this day still influences and reshapes minds of all ages and all backgrounds

especially mine to which I’m eternally grateful for.

He died relatively young but his soul is evermore,

as are his words.



It was Kahlil’s 136th birthday on 06/01/20.His impact was profound and is one of the few writers I have to pause when reading his work to properly absorb his words and its meaning.  Kahlil’s work is more than just prose or poems but of life itself whether it’s joy, pain, sorrow or in between.