Untitled #3

It takes awhile to understand one’s inner pain

and self confession.

Whose voice is it that you hear?

and which one do you trust?

My soul is like a deep abyss

which I’ve flung myself into

in hopes of better learning who and what I am,

and letting go of fear, self-doubt and ignorance.


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Eyes that penetrate.

Eyes that pierce.

Eyes that glow

and eyes that understand both pain and joy.

Eyes that radiate with warmth

and those that glower with coldness.

Eyes that are wise

and eyes bearing hardships.

Eyes can tell us a lot about someone

Whether it’s their health, feelings or state of mind.

They narrate a story all in their own way.

Caught in the Middle



like the middle child

is neither hot or cold

yet is caught between two seasons

 who loathe one another yet one cannot exist without the other.

When it is Autumn’s turn to shine

Winter exhales it’s frosty breath,

and Summer in return withdraws its warmth

leaving Autumn alone in the middle

unable to complain

with Spring inside the belly of Mother Nature

waiting to show off as a new born heralding a New Year.