In the beginning, Love was the password for all,

but it’s true meaning was understood  only by some.

For the rest of us caught up in the game of Chaos called human emotions

basking in joy one moment and swimming in sorrow the next.

The truth is  there’s no winners or losers

just trial and errors,

and lessons learned through different lifetimes.

In the end, Love is the password for all,

but it’s true meaning is only understood by some.


Some secrets are not meant to see the light of day

not because of spite or greed,

but from a sense of preservation and a need to  protect.

The journey to Eden is a labyrinth filled with heartbreak and broken promises

how one answers the Minotaur’s question is up to you.

Whether you choose to be swallowed up by your surroundings / circumstances

or you master yourself,

and blossom to the person you were always meant to be.