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Any kind of peace

whether it’s physical, emotional or mental

 is a treasure that one cannot lose so easily.

After all,

remember all your trials and tribulations

that you had to face that made you who you are today.

You overcame,

You earned your peace,

something you can’t measure or explain to anyone

they just have to experience it for themselves to understand.

Mr Shallow

The pursuit of beauty especially on the surface level

is a mirage that continually makes a fool of us all.

If I say I love you for your beauty,

because there’s none like you

and I see that only on the surface,

then I have cheated both you and myself.

I cheat myself because I was shallow and went for the low hanging fruit.

I cheat you because I failed to see the depths of your true beauty.

A heart so rich and a smile so wide,

                                                   a woman with so much knowledge

and a soul that never ages.


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I admire your strength and tenacity.

A testament to your will,

and a reward for your open heart and faith.

If grace and elegance could be personified

I wouldn’t need to look far,

because I see it right before me.

Your strength gives me courage,

and I’m grateful for it,

as I stand next to you as your pillar

as you go and conquer the world.