A Garden of Two Seasons

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My heart is my earth

A garden caught between winter and spring

A loop of only beginnings and endings.


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Beautiful and tenacious

Soaring, rising, ascending

Unyielding and born anew

Living, dreaming, believing

Flawed and genuine


The Nile River

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I bathe nearby the river Nile and gaze at my surroundings

grateful to take in the magnitude of this powerful setting.

The river Nile begins in Burundi flowing northwards

until it reaches Egypt and eventually joins the Mediterranean Sea.

I think and wonder how many love letters were exchanged,

and proposals made by this riverside

or the prayers of a farmer  hoping for rain to end the drought.

How many rulers have exchanged their hands over this river,

and I wonder how many more  stories by this river will be told long after we’re gone.

Pursuit of Perfection


What does it mean to be perfect?

Is such an ideal pursuit worth coveting?

Is being without blemish the answer to our wishes?

I use to share those sentiments when I was younger,

but I realize now that my flaws make up a huge part of me,

and rather I appreciate them

because it makes me realize I’m only human,

and being imperfect allows us to make mistakes and to learn from them.