I can be sweet and tantalizing,

both up close and from a distance.

I glitter and shine,

and all eyes are usually on me.

My name is Temptation,

but people don’t usually call me that.

Rather they lavish me with their lust and attention

even if the attention will never be fully reciprocated.

 I radiate light,

yet I don’t generate it from within.

I smile outwards

since I can be whatever you want me to be,

but inside I cry,

because it only lasts for a short while,

and most people move on to desire something else.

My name is Temptation,

but I am so much more.

If people only saw the light that shines inside their hearts

there wouldn’t be a need for me,

and I can be more than an object

more than a short-term option,

and more like a life-long friend.

My Jazz

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Let these instruments

be an extension of my soul

whether it be trumpet, a keyboard or piano

let them play what my mind and heart hold inside.

I have so much to say,

but sometimes words cannot do justice

and in my instruments

I find my joy and another voice

my jazz: colorful, honest and ever-changing.


I hope when I find you

I treasure you and see you for who you are,

rather than see you as a woman that makes up the parts missing in me,

but see you as a whole being.


I’d rather love a woman

who seeks herself in this strange world,

a place where we seek to understand

and makes sense of the absurdity.


I want her to know

that I don’t want to change her,

and I don’t want her to change me,

but through you

I want to express my full love and wonder.