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Some days and nights

are like blitz of a comet

streaking across the earth skies.

Other times

life passes by with no care,

and you pay no heed to it

till you look around you

and every things changed.

What matters is not

how many degrees you have

or what kind of occupation or house you have,

but what matters is

whether through it all

Did you enjoy yourself?

Did you learn to love, relish and do what you came here for?


Chance of a Lifetime

What more could Cupid do

when the chance of a lifetime

shows up in front of you

in the form of a soul mate.

I just knew it was her.

I kept calm and started to talk,

but mentally I was all over the place.

I then started to stutter

and my mind went blank.

I thought to myself

this isn’t how its supposed to go

but I felt a warm, cool gaze

followed by a hearty laugh

I started to relax

and I thought

This is it.