As Seasons Turn


As spring comes to a close

and summer beckons,

like a supermodel doing the catwalk

Mother Nature commands all the attention,

and we reflect that attitude

as we come out and play.

Some of us fall in love

and our eyes become more vibrant,

and our steps have more bounce.

We go to parks and beaches

carnivals and outdoor concerts,

and do many more wonderful things

this is a period meant for joy and laughter.

Brand New Day


It’s simple yet true

with each new day

we start anew.

It’s not easy

but let yesterday go,

and don’t concern yourself with tomorrow yet

appreciate and bask in today

whether it rains or shines

the day is yours.

It’s up to you to shape it

however way you want.

For the Love of Money


I love money

but our relationship is one-sided.

I love her so much

that I put her over my family, friends and even God.


I give her my time and health,

and my body can definitely prove my loyalty

with my receding hairline and grey beard.


Yet after all that,

she ignores me.

When we first met at 16

I thought if I made enough

I would be happy

and I was,

but that didn’t last.

I chased and chased,

but the game isn’t the same anymore.

Besides I think she’s cheating on me

with someone younger

probably a young guy with hopes and dreams

someone who use to be like me.

My Name is…

I hold no shape

but I occupy your mind,body and soul.

I conjure up imagery

that make you stop and shiver.

I protect you

even if it doesn’t appear that way.

You hate me,

but you can’t do without me.

I can be tamed.

I can be your friend,

but since life doesn’t come with instructions

you do not know that.

To know my name

is to know yourself.

I hope you realize it now,

because I am always near

Since my name is Fear.