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Julie beckoned me closer

telling me she had something to share

she whispered in my ear

‘ True love isn’t possessive

but like water it flows

and it comes

and it goes’

I looked up and laugh

and I answered

‘You make it sound so simple’

and she replied

‘No one said it would be easy’


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History is full of contradictions and deceit

but by studying it we learn where we went wrong

but more importantly what we did right.

Part of being a human

is the rush of emotions that we experience everyday

from love, excitement and even embarrassment

The beauty is that we aren’t alone in this

and through history

 we learn that we are more similar then we are different

I’m just tired of people in power

who see us as pawns

telling us who to love and who to hate.



The truth is

you can’t force someone to see things from your point of view

you can be the most smartest, kindest and considerate person

but people will only relate to you from their perspective,

and how they view themselves

whether that view is healthy or not.

As humans

we live and learn and we also grow.

Who we were yesterday

may not be the same person today

it’s all about changes

and hopefully one for the better.