Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone

such as joy, friendship,love and dreams

however life is fickle at times

and along the way

there is hate, anger, pride, envy

and  this is shared with everyone

even ourselves

the thing is

that as humans we embody all these emotions

and often we prioritize one over the other

and rightfully so

because the sensation of joy is greater

then the agony of pain

but I realized that understanding the source of my pain

gave me clarity and compassion

and a better recognition of the upswing and downswing of life.



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Honest and hilarious

oblivious yet aware

a bundle of joy,

and a testament of love.

Always living in the moment,

and seeing things for what they are.

A patient and kind teacher.

My sincere regards to man’s best friend.

Rhythm and Blues


He, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

The brother with the clarinet clasping in his lips

Untold melodies, and spirituals

Flowing from the crater of his incensed soul

Sounds emanating from his instrument

That of joy, pain and sorrow

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.


She, too, sings the Rhythm and Blues

Her voice a hegemony as she cradles the microphone

Giving life to raw emotions such as grief and outrage

She’s God because she can condemn but also heal.

A mother of the Rhythm and Mistress of the Blues

Sounds emanating from her voice

From the chasm of her guts to the beatings of her well-worn heart

Short and sweet, brisk and loud

A Novocain to the eardrums of a distressed listener

Singing the blues of Yesterday to Virgin ears of today.



*Legends Lester Young and Billie  Holiday*