In Dorothy’s Name


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There was a woman named Dorothy,

who had a humble beginning

was a child who always strived,

dreamed a dream

which was to be free and  exist in a loving world,

long away from the concrete jungle and demanding streets.

She aspired to reach new heights,

yet held reality in check

Success came but  it was always short,

People came and went

some good and some bad,

but each serving as a lesson

a lesson in what,

and who was the teacher?

Yet she remained firm and true!

Heaven blessed her with a daughter,

and Dorothy became a Mother

and nobody could come in between,

However  Dorothy’s time came

and it was far too short,

only 42 years old and with many dreams yet to fulfill.

Her legacy and beloved soul will always remain,

of a  kind and caring woman with matching heart and grace.


*Dedicated to the one and only  Dorothy Dandridge ( 09/10/1922-08/09/1965)*


This destination where neither planes or travel agents can claim,

an abode for the weary and dreamers

Will you come fly with me to this place called Moon

She is shy and only reveals herself in the night,

a bride in her wedding gown

waiting at the altar for her handsome groom,

This bright-eyed woman from this place called Moon.

Fly with me if you will,

but know that I don’t plan on returning,

rather I’ll spend my days in this place called Moon.

When I get Older

When I get older I know I’ll blessed

cause Lord knows how I survived these stress.

My dreams,

Whatever they were,

Neither fulfilled or sought

rather I spent my time running away from these morbid thoughts.

I hope when I get older

my essence may still be clean and remain pure.

When I get older,

I hope I can see it, smell it,and believe in it’s entirety

from sunrise to sunset and everything in  between.

I write these words, straight from my heart

with the will to carry on.

To tomorrow and its offspring

Dream BIG and widen your horizon

Reality may be bleak but its just a reflection of our hearts

The good and the bad in it,

but dreams can be shaped

however you wish

and its yours to share or keep.

Hasan Adan